Grace Educational Association

Our history is not very long, but achievements…great indeed. That makes us humble…prompts us to leap forward. It all happens by His Grace. That inspires us nestle dream. Started way back in 2002 and working among the upcoming souls of Malabar, shouldering the noble obligation of extending a helpful hand, for the less privileged: To equip them walk hand in hand with the elite. To help them feel that they are never behind. To help them hold the infinity of knowledge in the palm of their little hands. Grace is all set to flourish further. Mapping out novel mindscapes, working out ambitious plans, seeing them in dimensions three. Our words and deeds are rooted firm on the foundations of the eternal and everlasting values of Islamic culture which steered the course of human history, Which stood only for the well being of humanity, Which breaths the spirit of love and kindness, Which never knows the tone of hatred