Mappila rebellion, Reading through narratives of fishermen folks of Malabar – Project Proposal

Project Proposal by Sayyid Shakir Bahassan 

  Mappila rebellion is a massive movement took place among Muslim community (in) Malabar, during 1921. it has been studied widely in historical, sociological and political perspective as agrarian distrust, communal riot, peasant struggle, etc. sparks of the rebellion had reached in the sea shore / coastal regions of Arabian Sea also like Tanur and Parappanagadi. While, the related literatures are excluded involvements of fishermen folks, readings from their perspectives and experiences. So the aim of this study is to trace the involvement of fishermen folk in rebellion. I expect this work can substantiate the gap which left behind without mentioning the involvement of the fisherman of Mappila community and the role of fisherman in the Mappila rebellion because they are the first generation of Malabar Muslims and was part of economy and politics of the regions.

Objectives of study

  • Explore the participation of fishermen folks in Malabar rebellion of 1921 in allied literature.
  • Find out How fishermen community responded to rebellion
  • Rebellion in fishermen’s memory, tracing the memories of rebellion among Mappila fisherman community of the area, (?)

Methodology and tools of(?) data collection

  • Focused group interviews
  • Life history / Local history
  • Survey of related literature, Governmental and historical documents

Duration of study

Eight month

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